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Canadian Comedy Award nominated comedian, Julien Dionne, brings you an exciting new podcast. Coming at you from Lemon•press Studios in the Distillery District, downtown Toronto. Tune in for in-depth guest interviews and regular segments such as: "Baby Geoffrey", "Mariah or Yoko", "Guy on The Street", "Flash News Flash", & more that will keep bringing you back every Tuesday and Friday.
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Dec 6, 2016
070 - Lemon•press Sessions Vol.1

In this special episode, we bring you a mix of the past musical guests that have come through. Over the years some top musical have found themselves in Lemon•press Studios and in this episode we bring you the live performances of each past musical guest. Enjoy!

Dec 2, 2016
069 - Jeffrey Cormier

We are BACK baby! Joining Julien for the first new episode since *cough* April, powerlifter, Jeffrey Cormier stops by and talks all things lifting. This is one with a little history since Jeffrey and Julien worked together at McDonald's 17 years ago. 


If you are into lifting and fitness in general, this episode is for you. They cover techniques, myths and everything else in the world of powerlifting -- which, let's be honest-- is a world foreign to most. Jeffrey and Julien also dig deep and hit some personal things. Things? Yeah. Things. GET INTO IT!


This episode is brought to you by: Via Norte Restaurant