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Canadian Comedy Award nominated comedian, Julien Dionne, brings you an exciting new podcast. Coming at you from Lemon•press Studios in the Distillery District, downtown Toronto. Tune in for in-depth guest interviews and regular segments such as: "Baby Geoffrey", "Mariah or Yoko", "Guy on The Street", "Flash News Flash", & more that will keep bringing you back every Tuesday and Friday.
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Sep 1, 2015
51- Dave Martin"Scamming the Scammers" is finally here. Tune in for the launch of the brand-new segment that turns the tables on the people behind the most recent CRA scam calls. In this first segment, we get the inside scoop direct from a scammer himself. For some reason, he answered all of Julien's questions when asked about the details of the popular scam. Listen in, as awareness is the only defence against these fucks!

Also on the show, comedian, Dave Martin, stops by Lemon Press Studios to talk weirdos, comedy, the road, and various opportunities that he has had over the years. Dave has been mentioned many-a-time on the podcast before in the Darren Frost, Ron Vaudry and Sean "Suga Jam" Fisher episodes and now is his times to address all of it. ITs a good one folks.

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